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We are happy to announce that the business of registering, buying and selling domains continues to thrive, 
with high market potential in store. Don't miss out on these data highlights for your business!

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Global Domain Report

Join us on a deep dive 
into the domain industry

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with domain industry highlights

Interviews ith the

15 interviews with the world's leading domain experts

Comprehensive report

The most comprehensive report on the global domain industry

Deep insights

Deep insights from two of the world's leading domain players

Why our readers love the Global Domain Report

"Being a person who regularly monitors the market and thus also the key indicators, I know a lot of market figures. But I still love to read the Global Domain Report, since the internal perspective of InterNetX and Sedo opens up a broader view on the domain industry that is not usually available in such a compact form. I also like the "Exciting Facts" which come up with one or the other (unexpected) highlight."

Andreas Musielak, COO & Board Member DENIC eG

Industry experts report on the state of 
the global domain industry

We asked various key figures and players in the domain name industry about the turbulent year 2020, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their business and what they expect for the future. We were positively surprised with their thoughts and insights. Get your report now to see what the following domain experts had to say:

Andrew Alleman

Andreas Musielak
COO & Board Member

Russ Weinstein
Vice President, GDD Accounts & Services

Shane Cultra

Roelof Meijer

David Fowler
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Theo Delevegas

Hiro Tsukahara

Giovanni Seppia
External Relations Manager

Elliot Silver

Richard Wein

Lars Steffen
Director International